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Mobile Crib Wagon, Ascention Assets has introduced the 8.9m Crib Wagon to its fleet.

The 8.9m Crib Wagon comes with kitchen, lunchroom and bathroom amenities.

Benefits of the 8.9m Mobile Crib Wagon includes:

Can seat up to 12 persons. Totally self sustainable with built in 9KVA generator, fresh and waste water tanks (both up to the value of 1000L capacity).

Extreme lightweight fabrication allowing wagons to be towed using 4 wheel drives and light trucks eliminating the use for heavy haulage.



Mobile Crib Wagon 8.9m | 12 Person

Portable accommodation for hire

Mobile Crib Wagon 8.9m | Floor Plan | Download

Mobile Crib Wagon comes with the following accessories:

  • Kitchen Sink
  • Urn
  • Fridge
  • Lunchroom Tables
  • Lunchroom Chairs
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fresh and waste water tanks
  • Hot water system
  • Urinal
  • Has a toilet (incinerator type)
  • 9kva Generator
  • Mine Sites
  • Construction Site
  • Events
  • Mobile Camps


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