Transportable Ice Room 9.3mx3.3m

Transportable Ice Room 9.3x3.3m

Second-hand Transportable Building Refurbished Ice Room 9.3x3.3m

Ice Room Region D Terrain Category 2, Refurbished Condition

Two Ice Makers
Two Ice Dispensers
Two Water Coolers
Two Split System A/C
Building Sold ‘as is where is’


The 9.3x3.3m Transportable Ice Room, Region D Terrrain Category 2, comes fitted out with 2 X Ice Makers (One ice maker is a Cornelius, Model CCM 1030AF51), 2 X Arcus STW660 cold water coolers. 2 X ice dispensers (Model Arcus AFIP450), building is fitted with 2 x split system air-conditioning, and 2 X Air Curtains.


  • Two Ice Makers
  • Produces 950kgs of ice per 24hrs - Combined,475kgs per ice maker per 24hrs
  • Easy to maintain


  • Two Arcus STW660 Water Coolers
  • Sorage capacity of 520 litres per cooler, combined capacity 1040 litres
  • Four taps on front of each unit
  • Temporary or Permanent
  • Stainless stell interior and exterior


  • Two Arcus AFIP450 Ice Dispensers
  • Holds 460kg of ice that is agitated at regular intervals to prevent the ice clumping
  • Fully encased in stainless steel, designed to take the abuse these machines often get on site
  • Ice is dispensed automatically at a rate of 1kg per second when the user places their container under the chute. This rate can be adjusted.
  • Produces 950kgs of ice per 24 hrs - Combined, 475kgs per ice maker
  • Easy to maintain

9.3x3.3m Transportable Ice Room 9.3m x 3.3m floor plan




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Please note:
All second-hand and refurbished buildings are dependent on building being available at time of order, and are sold 'as is where is'
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